I’ve always been active with swim meets as a young person and generally healthy throughout my childhood, I never imagined becoming sluggish, overweight, or developing an unhealthy relationship with food would happen in my college years. In 2017, I began climbing my way out of the hole I dug myself in and took accountability for what I chose to fuel my body with and how I made use of my time. At first, I rarely went to the gym by myself since I felt awkward in a male-dominated space, and didn’t want to perform exercises incorrectly. Eventually, after watching enough YouTube videos about how everyone at the gym is focused on themselves, I felt motivated enough to go on my own. I felt so fantastic and strange to think that my original goal was just to lose 20 lbs…. 4 years later my goal is to help others see their dreams come to fruition by developing workout plans and meal guides, and becoming a certified personal trainer in the coming months.

established in 2021


The Journey has been a long one and it’s not over yet……..